Monday, April 29, 2013

Antique Dresser Redo!

It took awhile on getting around to do this beauty but no long to spruce it up.

Here is the before.. just a dusty old dresser in need of some loving. Some of its molding on the sides were missing.

And heres the after....
I can never pass up the opportunity to stain the top... especially on older pieces!
So of course the top was stripped with some stripping gel and the body was sanded soft-to-the-touch finish before painting them a custom soft blue.
 As for the drawers, I had second thoughts of painting them. The grain of the wood was too beautiful to cover so I decided to restore them to their original charm.
They're stained with a kona/ebony mix and sealed with 2 coats of water based poly.

The wood grain is so beautiful!!

This dresser is for sale, $300

Thanks for looking!!!


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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weathered Desk

I have been working on two is the first.....a great Goodwill find by my husband, despite me telling him not to buy it because it needed new legs and a lot of work to strip the dark brown paint it had on, he bought it.  He told me that it would be his project and it was a piece he liked a lot and would make a new leg for it and fix the others.  Now, he is not a carpenter, we don't have the right tools to make something...we just fix what we can, but...he did it, he made a leg for this piece, and is now a great desk.  He chose the color and the stain, despite me telling him the top stain would not go because of the red mahogany wood, it will bleed through the stain he chose..he did not listened to me, he insisted..."ok" I said..."I'll do what you want me to do,"  well....I like how it came out.  He picked a stain called "Weathered"  by Varathane, and a custom grey color with a hint of blue mix, the red tones on the top mixed with the stain look great.  This is a piece I would like to keep for me.  The side drawer handles were sprayed with a metallic beige paint from Krylon, but he wanted me to just clean the knobs for the middle drawer, he wanted the "green patina to remain on the knobs," he said.  Here is what it looks like now, the before and the after.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Skinny secretary Desk/Dresser

This secretary desk/ dresser has been what I have working on in the past week... and man 
do I love how it came out!

So lets start here....... The BEFORE..
to be honest this piece was very clean with no damage what-so-ever. Just a bit dusty.
But for me... a bit boring. and that gold background in the shelving area?..Uhh no.  

So this is what I came up with. A light grey body with a turquoise background.
 And I actually had the shelves made because I wanted to replace the glass shelving it originally had...

 And The letter sorter is actually removable for the space.
And the cubby is waxed with Annie Sloan.
 I sprayed the hardware metallic black for that pop.
  AND the lovely detail of the fabric..

For sale $250.00
H- 77in
W- 22 1/2 in
Deep w/ desk IN- 12in
Deep w? desk OUT- 22in

Thank you for looking!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Blogger Issues

Update.....I am having issues with Goggle loading our HOME page...Firefox is ok.  Don't know why it's happening.


We are having some issues with our HOME's gone!!  Trying to figure out what happened.  Don't know where all our post have gone.  I can't get the home page...I only get a message :
"Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."
But, I can see the posts when editing???


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