Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Keeper

I'm so picky when it comes to picking my own pieces. it has to be unique, something you don't see often... I've been searching for a cabinet/ bookcase for such a long time. I mean lonngggg time. They're either very plain and cheap, or omg gorgeous but expensive!! I'm not gonna lie, I'm more on the cheapo side. So after a long time of searching for nothing, I kinda forgot about it.... Until recently I found this! I went to an estate sale specifically for her (and other things)! luckily no one grabbed her before me.

I didn't want to paint her. She was just on the tired side, her wood was dried out and was orange! I didn't have to do any prepping, just got straight to staining. I did stain her Kona thinking the orange tones would make it be more of a dark walnut, but it turned out even better, very dark with red undertones.. Just how I like it!

She's now home to many of the lovely finds I've kept throughout countless pickings.

I need to invest In a better lens! This ones not so great.

Thanks for looking!


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