This page will be to document our space at Helen's Antiques, to bring in photos and news about what is going on there and around us.  We hope we can keep it going despite the economy.  When we are there, we daydream and wish a lot, speaking of being there, we were at Helen's Antiques yesterday to clean our space and add new items, I blogged the other day about our space there and how wonderful the owner is, well today (once uploaded to my computer from the camera), I will post some photos of our booth there.  It still needs work, like moving out some frames she has on the walls so we can get our frames and chalkboards up, getting a nice rug to show case our items and give it a home feeling.  There is so much we want to do to our little space but with limited room we need to be wise on how to use it.


Update....12/10/12 ...this is what is happening soon in the City of Covina:

Every Friday:


Additional items at Helen's Antiques

There are so may vendors here.  In order for you to see each and every item here, you need to spend at least three hours!!....this place is huge!!!

Here are some photos of other vendors' items........


Oil lamps...I was told that these are from the 1800s

Booth update....

Booth update...

Booth update...



 Here are some photos of our space.  Keep in mind, we are still working on it and hope to have it completed by the end of the year (hope...)

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