Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Petite Blue Desk

I have posted this desk and others last week here to show what has been in the process of a transformation and all that jazz. Its the first one done just like its the first one on the list...

Okay! For this desk I wanted something not too neutral and not too bold. I chose a soft blue because I thought it balanced out with its cute size. Its soo perfect for a kid I believe!

So here's the before....

 It had layers.... This poor thing had LAYERS. Layers of I don't know what. First, it had a freshly painted white coat of paint which the seller admitted they just painted it the night before because right under the white is was the ugliest pink ever to exist in the color spectrum. And under that was a creamy yellowish white, which I don't believe was paint. It would not come off....AT ALL. I tried 3 different stripping gels, nothing. Maybe sanding with the lowest grit of sand paper in the same spot for a while, nada. I even tried bathing it with Acetone and Paint Thinner....still no luck. It was very irritating and frustrating. There was no way I was gonna just paint the whole thing. C' mon! There was beautiful wood under there. Last option. I put the stripping gel, the most harshest one I could buy, Jasco's, I mean the label itself said it takes off MULTIPLE layers in one application so I had to. I let that sit for about 30 min then the fun started by using a steel brush to scrub that precious wood. And that's how I took it off.....

It came out quite lovely! The rest is the same old, same old. The top was actually stained with the new color by Minwax called Expresso. It wasn't turning out as dark as I wanted it so I added a layer of Kona. The top was finished with a water based poly that goes my the name of Varathane.
The body was waxed with clear wax to protect and so was the inside of the drawers which were painted a light grey.

And of course.... Those pretty knobbies are from Hobby Lobby!

Lately, I have been collecting them and I keep getting the urge to go back to that lovely store for more! Half the time I purchase knobs and I don't even know what piece to put them on or even if I have piece! Good thing its a journey to get there which restrains me from constantly going back.

Do any of you have that same problem?

kyra [:

ps. first batch of frames are done. come get them while they're fresh!

pps. the desk is also up for grabs.... $170.00

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Just a quick update....

I wanted to share a quick update with all the pieces I have been working on just because I can't wait to show you all when they're finished! I already know the next month is going to be crazy trying to prep 10 things all at once to get ready for the Rose Bowl flea market, especially at the last minute! That's if a space that's as awesome as the one we got last time is open for availability..Right next to the gate... Everyone that enters and exits sees our fabulous pieces and fantastic finds! And great exposure to Chateau Revivals! Yay for US

Anyways... Here's the new pieces that will be available soon! I'm working on them to get them all dolled up!

The tiny desk.. Believe the name. This ones petit! She has the cutest details... Vertical grooves and
Cury Curves!

The 2 tiered mahogany table.. This poor thing was saved big time. Especially from that horrific leather top!

Three drawer dresser. To tell the truth half of this piece is fake. But the shape and style got me. I couldn't say no.

And the most prized piece I have right now.... The 4 drawer dresser. I really want this for myself. But I told myself only of it doesn't sell I'd keep it. So if you come and see this piece at the flea market, don't buy it!... I'm totally kidding..

Another ugly piece that needs a major makeover... The skinny 4 drawer I don't know what you would call this seems too small to be for clothes. I'd use it for craft things such as paper, stamps, shape puncher,etc etc. but it will be there!

Thanks for looking
Have a nice day[:


Ps I'm working on chalkboards.... Lots and lots of chalkboards.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Small pieces

I wanted to share what small pieces I have been up to since I ran out of larger pieces like dressers and desks but pretty soon that will change!!

This yellow pair of side tables went through alot. It's almost been a year since I got them and sadly they haven't sold so I spruced them up again and this time I went with a bolder yellow. unfortunately I didn't take a photo of them when I first got them. They were in pretty bad shape. The veneer was peeling and pieces were gone. The detail on the legs were banged up, and the inside of the drawer was dusty and stained with who knows what! But their
Dramatic make over made them pretty cute!

To fix them, I had to scrape off the veneer from the top , then I sanded the whole top to a smooth, even finish. I also sanded the body with multiple grit of sandpaper. After a good cleaning, I painted them. They're waxed with Johnson's wax paste. It's the first time I tried it and it left a oily feel to it after I rubbed it to a smooth protective finish. But as it cured it went away!

The original after and the newly make over! I can't find a photo of how I recieved them ):

The second table I worked on was fairly easy. This piece is not all solid wood, sadly. But its very unique looking and pretty big for being just a side table. The top is particle along with the drawers and the body is solid wood. I roughed up the particle board just alittle so the custom chalk paint I made would bond more easily. Then I cleaned the whole thing with alittle tsp. It made it spotless. I gave this piece about four coats of paint, mostly because I kept missing spots and the legs and had to spread the excess paint around so it wouldn't look clumpy. The finish came outvery smooth and the top is sealed with Briwax clear wax. Oh, and I also lined the drawers detail with a very light grey, just so you can see the
Lines better.

(oops! I forgot to take a photo before I started to paint!)


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Monday, January 14, 2013

Chalk Paint Desk

So, here is the desk finally completed with chalk paint....after giving it a good cleaning, (with just Windex) I started painting.  I love how easy it is to paint with, it just glides on... sanding it to get it smooth is a little tricky....if you sand too much, the paint comes off like chalk, very dusty, but if you use a very high grade of sand paper it does not (I used 2500, it's what I like to use as it leaves a very smooth finish, almost like a brand new car paint job).  Now, the wax...oh boy the waxing, the clear wax was no issue for me, but the dark waxing...that is a different step I did not enjoy doing, and I only did the top!  It seemed as if the wax decided that it did not want to move from the spot I started got clumpy and I had to really work it in to get to spread on the entire top.  I don't know why it did that.

I have used wax on other pieces before, but not Annie Sloan, this was my first time using the dark wax.  I still don't know if I should continue with body or not, but I kinda like it with the top waxed only.  I also tried using the glazing method, you know, when you mix paint and water, instead of took the paint off.  I guess these are rookie mistakes.  But, don't we all learn from them?

Now, will I use chalk paint again?? yes, I still have a lot left of Duck Egg....will I use dark wax again?.....I am not a quitter, I will tame that beast....

Well here is the before as a reminder, now this was not a wood piece, that is why I decided to use chalk paint...

and the after...oops...forgot the chair came with it.


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Friday, January 4, 2013

Writing Table and Chair - finally done

So, about a week ago I posted a before and between of a writing table and it's chair.  I finally finished it, but, again...I forgot to take a photo of the after while I still had it because I was so exited to deliver it to the customer who bought it, even before actually seeing it in person, they had only seen it via photo, well he was kind enough to send me photos.  I stripped and re-stain the top dark, per my customer's request, and  re-upholstered the chair with her choice of fabric.  Both pieces have been waxed to protect the paint, the top of the table has five coats of poly since it will be used as both, vanity desk and writing desk.  The color is a custom color, combining white with a few drops of green, very light color.  I love this table and the chair, I think they came out great.

Here is a reminder of the before...


Top after sanding.....

and after (courtesy of my customer)

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