Monday, January 21, 2013

Small pieces

I wanted to share what small pieces I have been up to since I ran out of larger pieces like dressers and desks but pretty soon that will change!!

This yellow pair of side tables went through alot. It's almost been a year since I got them and sadly they haven't sold so I spruced them up again and this time I went with a bolder yellow. unfortunately I didn't take a photo of them when I first got them. They were in pretty bad shape. The veneer was peeling and pieces were gone. The detail on the legs were banged up, and the inside of the drawer was dusty and stained with who knows what! But their
Dramatic make over made them pretty cute!

To fix them, I had to scrape off the veneer from the top , then I sanded the whole top to a smooth, even finish. I also sanded the body with multiple grit of sandpaper. After a good cleaning, I painted them. They're waxed with Johnson's wax paste. It's the first time I tried it and it left a oily feel to it after I rubbed it to a smooth protective finish. But as it cured it went away!

The original after and the newly make over! I can't find a photo of how I recieved them ):

The second table I worked on was fairly easy. This piece is not all solid wood, sadly. But its very unique looking and pretty big for being just a side table. The top is particle along with the drawers and the body is solid wood. I roughed up the particle board just alittle so the custom chalk paint I made would bond more easily. Then I cleaned the whole thing with alittle tsp. It made it spotless. I gave this piece about four coats of paint, mostly because I kept missing spots and the legs and had to spread the excess paint around so it wouldn't look clumpy. The finish came outvery smooth and the top is sealed with Briwax clear wax. Oh, and I also lined the drawers detail with a very light grey, just so you can see the
Lines better.

(oops! I forgot to take a photo before I started to paint!)


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