Friday, January 25, 2013

Just a quick update....

I wanted to share a quick update with all the pieces I have been working on just because I can't wait to show you all when they're finished! I already know the next month is going to be crazy trying to prep 10 things all at once to get ready for the Rose Bowl flea market, especially at the last minute! That's if a space that's as awesome as the one we got last time is open for availability..Right next to the gate... Everyone that enters and exits sees our fabulous pieces and fantastic finds! And great exposure to Chateau Revivals! Yay for US

Anyways... Here's the new pieces that will be available soon! I'm working on them to get them all dolled up!

The tiny desk.. Believe the name. This ones petit! She has the cutest details... Vertical grooves and
Cury Curves!

The 2 tiered mahogany table.. This poor thing was saved big time. Especially from that horrific leather top!

Three drawer dresser. To tell the truth half of this piece is fake. But the shape and style got me. I couldn't say no.

And the most prized piece I have right now.... The 4 drawer dresser. I really want this for myself. But I told myself only of it doesn't sell I'd keep it. So if you come and see this piece at the flea market, don't buy it!... I'm totally kidding..

Another ugly piece that needs a major makeover... The skinny 4 drawer I don't know what you would call this seems too small to be for clothes. I'd use it for craft things such as paper, stamps, shape puncher,etc etc. but it will be there!

Thanks for looking
Have a nice day[:


Ps I'm working on chalkboards.... Lots and lots of chalkboards.

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