Monday, December 31, 2012

The Secretary Desk

Finally! after a whole month trying to work on this piece I am done! I've started to work on this single drawer secretary desk on the last week of November but with all the Christmas chaos happening from then till last week it has stalled the transformation of this piece... 

This is the before photo. (I forgot to put the drawer back in!) it was so plain before and its half solid wood half compressed wood! but I thought it had potential, its shape is so simple yet elegant (probably because of the legs).
 For this piece, I wanted to paint it a light color so I chose a custom color of a very light grey. It practically looks white in the photos but its not. I closed the 2nd holes where the handles used to be so I can finally use the knobs I bought from Hobby Lobby.. Amen for that store! The whole piece is waxed with Briwax's clear wax. I also distressed it with the wax. I found out if u rub it constantly with an abundant amount of wax on your cloth it will give it a natural distressed look.. Which looks cool in my opinion.

This piece will be for sale in our booth 



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This is going to be the first time I use Annie Sloan's chalk paint. I got this small desk from a lady when I went to pick up a writing table, it's not wood, but I could not resist as she practically gave it to me. She was moving out and needed to get rid of a lot of stuff.

Since I paid very little, I decided to use chalk paint on it, and chose duck egg, a daring color.  Here is a photo of the desk before. I will post a photo of the after and my experience with the paint.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Twins

Here are two really cute nightstands, both hand painted with a custom made color by mixing white with a hint of grey, their tops have been striped and stained with dark walnut by Minwax as a base coat and then topped with two coats of weathered grey by Varathane, as top stain.  I love how the stain came out, and I will try it again on another piece without using a undercoat first.  I did wax their bodies with Annie Sloan clear wax for protection and both tops got three coats of water base poly by Varathane, (my new poly) I found that this stain does not turn yellow.  I left their original handles, but painted them with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray can and then used just a hint of silver leaf Rub 'n Buff magic on them.

Here is a before....

and after....

(Some day I will get a good camera...sorry for the I-Pad photos)

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Writing table and chair

I have been working on this great writing table and chair.... This what they look like right now...but I am not done yet....(stay tuned)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

1 down 2 to go.

So we've been working on the working area where we refurbish our furniture.Organizing, reorganizing, dusting , sweeping, moving... Storaging... Trashing.. It's been a disaster because of the rain! but we managed to get all the tools, sandpaper, paint, and what not back in one place where they're supposed to be. Well, at least the majority of it... and we also managed to pull out a small cluster of furniture we had on one side of the house..(there are bunches of furniture throughout the backyard...)and that's 1 down, 2 to go for us. We need start working and make room for more pieces!

These pieces are very old... Very scratched up and yes some of them do have that umm... old smell.... But they are beautiful!! . And will be in our inventory list. I really can't wait to see their transformation but for now... We wait patiently as they air out by nature.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sofa Table

I am adding a few more pieces to our "Take us Home" tab, some don't have prices, or details yet, but we are working on that.

This piece I wanted to talk about...this is a CL purchase, it was a steal! Why? all the legs had been used by their cat as scratching posts, the owners then decided to move it outside under their patio due to the damage. This poor thing then became a chewing post for their dog, needless to say, they practically gave it away. It was rescued and given a new life, I spent hours, days fixing the legs, this is a very heavy all wood piece, despite the damage to the legs, I managed to save them with wood cement, they are as solid as a rock.

I decided to paint the body Navajo White and stain the top and the two drawers with a mix of dark walnut, kona and a hint of red mohogany, I finished it with water based poly, (three coats) the knobs came from Hobby Lobby, and amazing place! I had never been there, and now I've been there twice, it's a drive for me, but worth it. This table can be a entry table, sofa table, you name it, and the bottom shelf is great for baskets, magazines, or anything you want to display.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

THE kidney desk

Okay I just had to give this piece it's own post. It's just so pretty!!

The before! From the image below, it looks in okay condition but trust me it was not! If it was I would not have painted it.. A big mistake that would be (I believe if it's in its original condition, it should not be touched!) It had huge scratches across the top, a crack in the bottom left side below the drawer cubby, pieces of its original clear coat were chipped off. BIG flakes.. some weird colorful gunk in the drawers.It was a hot mess!

I first sanded top bare and smooth.
Then, I sanded the body smooth followed by a deep clean with soapy water. I glued the crack then nailed it together, putting putty in the crease. Lightly sanded the insides, just to get the weird gunk out. After all the prepping time is now my favorite part.. Staining and painting!

The drawers were painted a bluish grey color and the body was painted a creamy white followed by a clear waxing.
The top was stained with a coat of dark walnut followed by a coat of red mahogany after. Then it was sealed with a water based poly.

The happy ever after!
(I should've taken some more before, during and after photos)

She's so lovely! Ill hold on to this piece for a while( maybe forever) until or if I find something just as nice!

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Happy Thursday!!!!

Good morning and happy Thursday everyone! Hope everyone's having a productive day(cause its Thursday!) I know I am! This is what I'll being doing all day!!

-Kyra [:

Monday, November 5, 2012

A unique tall dresser

I'm so glad I picked up this beautiful tall dresser with an engraved molding outlining the drawers. It was sitting in goodwill (another find from this store) for weeks. Every time I visited the store, I would always think to myself, this would be a great piece to work on! ( don't want to sound crazy but I visit goodwill 3+ a week. One of the perks of working next to goodwill!). Without a second thought I bought it. And luckily it was half off at the time!

Here's the before. It was hideous! The wood furnished in this piece was unusual. It has deep groves.

After going through lowest to highest grit of sandpaper, it smoothed out. I chalk painted this piece a light grey and stained the top kona with multiple coats. Then the top was finished with a water based poly, also with multiple coats.

I loved the outcome of this piece, I wanted to keep it for myself. But then I'm trying to establish a business, I can't keep saving the stuff I buy to resell. ):


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