Thursday, November 8, 2012

THE kidney desk

Okay I just had to give this piece it's own post. It's just so pretty!!

The before! From the image below, it looks in okay condition but trust me it was not! If it was I would not have painted it.. A big mistake that would be (I believe if it's in its original condition, it should not be touched!) It had huge scratches across the top, a crack in the bottom left side below the drawer cubby, pieces of its original clear coat were chipped off. BIG flakes.. some weird colorful gunk in the drawers.It was a hot mess!

I first sanded top bare and smooth.
Then, I sanded the body smooth followed by a deep clean with soapy water. I glued the crack then nailed it together, putting putty in the crease. Lightly sanded the insides, just to get the weird gunk out. After all the prepping time is now my favorite part.. Staining and painting!

The drawers were painted a bluish grey color and the body was painted a creamy white followed by a clear waxing.
The top was stained with a coat of dark walnut followed by a coat of red mahogany after. Then it was sealed with a water based poly.

The happy ever after!
(I should've taken some more before, during and after photos)

She's so lovely! Ill hold on to this piece for a while( maybe forever) until or if I find something just as nice!

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  1. Love your makeover! I'd keep it too, if I were you. Lovely colors.

  2. I'd totally keep it! In fact, you are welcome to come drop it off at my house! The hardware is awesome.