Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sofa Table

I am adding a few more pieces to our "Take us Home" tab, some don't have prices, or details yet, but we are working on that.

This piece I wanted to talk about...this is a CL purchase, it was a steal! Why? all the legs had been used by their cat as scratching posts, the owners then decided to move it outside under their patio due to the damage. This poor thing then became a chewing post for their dog, needless to say, they practically gave it away. It was rescued and given a new life, I spent hours, days fixing the legs, this is a very heavy all wood piece, despite the damage to the legs, I managed to save them with wood cement, they are as solid as a rock.

I decided to paint the body Navajo White and stain the top and the two drawers with a mix of dark walnut, kona and a hint of red mohogany, I finished it with water based poly, (three coats) the knobs came from Hobby Lobby, and amazing place! I had never been there, and now I've been there twice, it's a drive for me, but worth it. This table can be a entry table, sofa table, you name it, and the bottom shelf is great for baskets, magazines, or anything you want to display.



  1. Love the color contrast and the pretty knobs!

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