Monday, May 6, 2013

It's junking time

It's that awesome time of year again. The annual Sping cleaning pick up. It's where each household gets to throw away the more bigger/ heavier items such as piles of wood, bricks and just plain junk that's been hanging around the backyard and what not. But within all that pile of junk there's something glorious in the mix....FURNITURE!!
And it's all for free. We just pay the price of getting alittle Grimey but that's nothing we're not used to.

So here's our awesome finds from searching through our neighborhoods pile of junk!

A mid century night stand....

A mid century dresser....

An Antique 3 drawer chest

This awesome chippy pick nick table! It's a keeper and soon to be a new home for all the potted plants.

A cute nightstand with the legs!

An older sewing machingpe table with no sewing machine which will be totally flipped once we get started.

Another mid century piece, a desk!

A mid century chair!

2 matching lounge chairs

And another mid century desk!

This is just the first week looking..... We still have 2 more Fridays to look on the other blocks!

Thanks for looking!
Happy junking!

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  1. I love it when our city does the annual clean-up day. So many fun things to find. Even our kids get into finding their own treasures. Can't wait to see more.