Friday, October 26, 2012

Dresser re-do

I have to admit I sometimes buy pieces from Goodwill. Like this piece. This eleven drawer dresser had to go home with me because it was a steal!and it was in very good shape, but when I got it home, it just sat and sat and sat. I couldn't figure out what color to paint it! I wanted something simple to work with. After several observations of  which paint to choose from ( I can never make up my mind ]: ), I finally chose a grayish/ green color ( I made it myself) and I replaced the original hardware because it didn't look right with the painted body.

Here's the before

And here's the after!

This dresser sold within the first 3 hrs of attending the Rose Bowl Flea Market as a vendor.



  1. You did a great job Kyra love that it sold so quickly. Makes you wonder why you waited so long to paint eh?

    1. Thank you for your comment, I was so indecisive what to do with this piece because I wanted it to be perfect. It paid off because I know the owner of it now really enjoys it in their home.

  2. Looks great, Kyra. Exactly the type of piece I'm looking for to turn into a masterpiece for my bedroom. I'll check out our Goodwill to see if there is anything like it.

  3. Your dresser looks great! It looks as if you used another paint color for the top? Am I seeing things right? What brand of paint did you use? Did you do much sanding and how long did the project take? I bought the same style dress but a smaller version. I have some Ann Sloan paints I bought for another project, but had no time to work on a project. Now I have the time and want to know if used her paints for this project.

  4. Hi Kay,
    Thank you for the compliments and sorry for the late reply! The top was actually sanded then stained kona. The paint I used was white flat behr paint mixed with 3 other colors I'm not sure what they were (color wise). The only part that was sanded till it was bare wood was the top so it could be stained. The rest of the body was sanded to a smooth finished then wiped clean. It took me about about two weeks to finish it because I have been so busy with working but if it was constantly worked on, it shouldn't take that long. Annie Sloan paint is a really great paint to work with. It dries very smooth to the touch. I think the paint as well as the color will work and look great for a dresser similar to the one that is posted. I hope you find this helpful and good luck with refinishing your piece. I'm sure any color you paint it will look great!