Monday, October 29, 2012

Some other pieces

Here are other pieces we have done and are available for sale....we are not good on taking photos of the before (we are working on that), we just get too eager to start on them and see the transformation.  From top to bottom, we see the rustic two side tables with dark walnut top, a secretary desk with dark kona/walnut interior and a custom cream color with dark glaze body, then followed by a very light shade of grey/green with a dark mix of kona and walnut stained top, protected with three coats of poly.  These pieces will be posted under our "Take Us Home" tab with their measurements and prices. 


Thank you for looking......



  1. Hi Patty
    You visited me at Burlap Luxe and I wanted to mention that when I try and return it take me to a google page, even if I click onto your comment photo. Go to your profile settings look them over making sure the button is enabled for comments from all. I typed your blog name in search bar and was then able to find you :)

    This is going to be fun getting to know you much better, I can see we have alot in common with shades of whites and grey's, and your added personality coming through each piece you breathe life into.

    Thank u for your beautiful visit.

    1. Thank you for the information, I will go and fix it, and yes it will be fun to know you as well, we are new at blogging so it's exiting to us (newbies) to get a comment. I truly do love your blog, and I will visit it often.