Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is going on??

After just posting "Where did the photos go??"  I somehow manage to loose the post I did on Sunday at 4:23 am, now, where did that go??  Something strange is going on, most likely I am doing something wrong, luckly I keep a log and here is what I had logged in for Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Last night due to my little back issue, Kyra decided to take matters onto her own hands and started taking photos of some of our available pieces, she also created our for sale tab, well for now it's under "Take us Home," we don't want the usually used "For Sale," we want something different and even "Take us Home," may change in the future, or maybe it'll become permanent, we'll see how it does.

The photos were taken last night, so today (when the sun comes up, and is nice and bright with mother Earth's natural light) we will be taking more photos to either replace last night's, or just add more. We will also be creating another tab regarding the pieces we could not part with and are now part of our homes (if I had more room, I would keep them all). It's 4:23 am and can't sleep due to the allergy I am experiencing with my pain medication, itching!!!"

I am not a computer expert, so I don't think I will ever know what I did wrong, I just hope I don't do it again.


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