Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our booth

Back before we decided we should start documenting our accomplishments, failures, hopes, wishes and desires, before we started this blog, we were selling our pieces on the famous CL, great, people were buying them, but then, we were dealing with people we did not know, at our house, inside our house, walking through our house,(you know what I mean), so we decided we had to take our finished pieces to antique boutiques and sell them on consignment, it was the easiest and fastest thing to do, and the safest, but if our pieces would not sell quick they had to be picked up within 30 days (or less) so, it was just not working out for us.

So, as of the last two months, we decided to have a booth inside an antique boutique, this turned out to be great, we just pay the rent, we decide how much to sell them for, what pieces to display, when to take them out if they don't sell, and still be able to sell them through CL and just directing the buyers to the store to pick them up and pay in cash or with a credit card, it's been just great, the owner is a wonderful person, very friendly and great to work with, she takes care of the sale for us and we just go and pick up the money once a month.

One day we plan to open a store of our own, but that day has not come yet, we are not ready.  It's a wishful thinking for now.