Friday, October 19, 2012

Week off.....almost

We had our Rose Bowl Flea Market adventure last Sunday, it was amazing as well as exhausting, so we took a week off, well, almost a week off (this Suday will be a week), but vacation is over, we are getting back to work tomorrow, we need to start preparing for January, yes....we are going back to the Rose Bowl in January or February, we have not decided that yet, but we are going back.  So this weekend we will be posting the pieces we brought back, those that did not find new owners, along with other items we brought back.  We will be posting them under a tab we will be naming......... "I am Looking for a New Home," or "Take me Home," or "Please Buy Me," corky??? maybe, but we'll give it a try, it's something other than "For Sale".  It maybe changed in the future, we'll see how it does.